03 September 2015

The Hanging Judge

3 September 1875 


On this date in 1875 Judge Isaac Parker started hanging them high...

The "Super-Sized" gallows at Fort Smith, Arkansas

Judge Isaac Parker hanged the first six of 79 criminals convicted in his court at Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Swift justice and sure punishment would earn Parker the nickname, "The Hanging Judge."

Other Years:

  • 1783 - The Treaty of Paris brought the American War for Independence to a close.
  • 1861 - Confederate forces entered Kentucky in response to the posting of Federal troops in the state, ending its neutrality.
  • 1864 -Atlanta was occupied by federal troops commanded by General W.T. Sherman. 
  • 1891 -  Cotton pickers organized a union and went on strike in Texas.
  • 1956 - Tanks were deployed in Clinton, Tennessee to end racial unrest.
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