19 September 2015

The Sandbar Fight

19 September 1827 


On this date in 1827 - Though shot three times, stabbed twice, and having a sword cane lodged in his chest, Jim Bowie killed Norris Wright and cut off Alfred Blanchard's arm at the Sandbar Fight when a brawl broke out after a duel outside Natchez, Mississippi.

Other Years:

  • 1862 – Confederates under General Sterling Price confronted a large Fedeal force at the Battle of Iuka, Mississippi. Bothe sides suffered a combined 1,700 casualties.
  • 1863 - The Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia began. Although it cannot accurately be determined, many historians consider this (instead of Sharpsburg) to be the deadliest day in U.S. military history.

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