14 January 2016

The Father Of Oceanography

14 January 1806 

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On this date in 1806...

Matthew Fontaine Maury, a commander in the CS Navy, diplomat for CS government in Europe, meteorologist, and the father of naval oceanography was born in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

Other Years:

  • 1833 - Missionary to the Cherokee. Reverend Samuel Worcester was released from imprisonment on a charge of defying the state’s order to swear allegiance to Georgia or leave the Cherokee nation..
  • 1861 - Louisiana state troops seized Fort Pike and Fort Pickens fell to Florida state troops.
  • 1874 - Northern mulatto abolishonist I. D. Shadd was elected as Speaker of the lower house of Mississippi’s reconstruction legislature.
  • 1963 - George C Wallace was sworn in as governor of Alabama. His inagural address contained his signature line, "Segregation now; segregation tomorrow; segregation forever!"
  • 1863 – Confederate and federal gunboats fought on Bayou Teche, Louisiana.

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