11 February 2016

The Longest Walk

11 February 1978  

On this date in 1978...

The "longest walk" began at Alcatraz Island, CA and went to Washington DC to protest U.S. government treatment of Indians. A portion of the route mirrored the route of the Trail of tears

Other Years:

  • 1715 - The Tuscarora Tribe led by Tom Blount, signed a peace treaty with the English settlers of North Carolina ending much of the fighting in the colony. 
  • 1766 – The British Stamp Act was declared unconstitutional in Virginia.
  • 1812 - Confederate Vice-President Alexander H. Stephens was born in Crawfordville, Georgia.
  • 1861 - In Arizona, Lieutenant George Bascom found the bodies of the six hostages that had been held by Cochise. Today, three of Cochise's relatives and three Coyotero Apache prisoners were hung over the graves of the white hostages.

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