14 March 2016

Jack Ruby

14 March 1964  

On this date in 1964...

Dallas, Texas found Jack Ruby guilty and sentenced him to death for Lee Harvey Oswald's murder in Dallas, Texas. Ruby died in prison before the sentence was carried out.

Other Years:

  • 1780 - Spanish troops captured the British outpost of Fort Charlotte in Mobile, Alabama.
  • 1794 - Eli Whitney patented his cotton gin.
  • 1833 - The Secretary of War had the Bureau of Indian Affairs issue orders to U.S. Marshals to remove whites from Creek lands.
  • 1864 - Federal troops stormed and occupied Fort de Russy at Alexandria, Louisiana.
  • 1940 - A truck full of migrant workers collided with a train outside McAllen, Texas killing 27 and injuring 15.

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