22 July 2016

Gold in Them Thar Hills

22 July 1829  

On this date in 1829...

Gold was discovered on Cherokee land in present-day Lumpkin County,Georgia. The strike began the first great gold rush on American soil, spelled the death-knell of the “Five Civilized Tribes,” and led ultimately to the Indian Removal Act.

Other Years:
  • 1587 - A second group of English settlers arrived on Roanoke Island off North Carolina to re-establish the deserted colony.
  • 1862 - The ironclad ram C.S.S. Arkansas fended off a second attack by Federal rams and ironclads at Vicksburg, Mississippi.
  • 1864 - The Battle of Atlanta, Georgia began.
  • 1933 - Southern aviator Wiley Post ended his around-the-world flight, having traveled 15,596 miles in 7 days, 18 hours and 45 minutes.
  • 1975 - Confederate General Robert E. Lee had his U.S. citizenship restored by the U.S. Congress.
  • 2011 - Space Shuttle Atlantis landed successfully at Kennedy Space Center in Florida after completing STS-135, the final flight of NASA's space shuttle program.

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