11 November 2017

The Burning of Atlanta

11 November 1864

On this date in 1864...

Federal General William Tecumseh Sherman ordered the burning of what remained of Atlanta, Georgia. In addition, Sherman’s troops destroyed Rome, Georgia.

Other Years:

  • 1750 - The first college fraternity, the F.H.C. Society, more commonly known as the Flat Hat Club, was formed at Raleigh Tavern in Williamsburg, Virginia.
  • 1831 - Nat Turner, a rebellious slave who led a violent revolt in Virginia, was hanged at age 31.
  • 1839 - The Virginia Military Institute was founded in Lexington, Virginia.
  • 1921 - The Tomb of the Unknowns was dedicated at Arlington Cemetery in Virginia by U.S. President Harding.
  • 1965 - Walt Disney announced a secret project in Florida. 
  • 1966 - Gemini 12 launched  from Cape Canaveral, Florida, circling the Earth 59 times before its return.

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