13 July 2022

Forrest’s Birthday

13 July 1821  

On this date in 1821 - Confederate Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest was born at Chapel Hill, Tennessee.

Other Years:
  • 1585 - A group of 108 English colonists, led by Sir Richard Grenville, reached Roanoke Island, North Carolina
  • .1754 - During the French and Indian War, George Washington surrendered the small stockade of Fort Necessity to the French. 
  • 1780 - Georgia troops attacked and defeated a Tory encampment at Gowen's Old Fort, South Carolina.
  • 1868 - Oscar J Dunn, a former slave, was installed as Louisiana reconstruction Lt. Governor.
  • 1978 - Walter Poenisch completed his 129 mile swim to become the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida.
  • 1984 - In the Arkansas Ozarks, Terry Wallis was injured in a car accident and stayed comatose, awakening in  June, 2003. 
  • 1998 - "Image of an Assassination," the video documentary on Abraham Zapruder's home movie of U.S. President Kennedy's assassination in Dallas went on sale.

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